Home By Shekhavati - A Quintessential of Solid Wood Furniture in India
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Home By Shekhavati - A Quintessential of Solid Wood Furniture in India

Solid Wood – The nucleus of furniture

Who doesn’t like the robustness of furniture and a prolong life of the same? Infact, it’s the very first parameter on which the decision regarding whether or not the furniture is to be purchased is made. The durability comes when an excellent quality of wood is carved to make a furniture. What else could be more durable than the furniture made out of Solid Wood?  Around the globe, Sheesham Wood, which is one of the Solid wood, is used to make furniture because of its durable nature and longevity. Solid wood also has natural rich grains which varies from one piece to another thereby offering every piece of furniture a unique look.

Quality of Solid Wood

The durability which the furniture gets from solid wood is simply unmatchable. Because of the same durable nature, a piece of furniture lasts for more than 30 years. And in such a long span of time the furniture does not decay at all. Along with it, the look which the hardwood furniture offers to the abode is simply stunning.

Types of Solid Wood furniture

Because the quality of solid wood furniture is simply terrific, it does not limit the use of it in the types of furniture pieces available. One can get Solid wood beds online in India, chest drawers, office furniture, bedside tables, chairs, solid wood sofa set online, etc.

Buy Solid Wood furniture online

The furniture giant, Home By Shekhavati, is a leading name when it comes to Solid Wood Furniture available online in India. Also, it is widely known as the manufacturer and retailer of premium solid wood furniture. Home By Shekhavati has an exquisite collection of furniture online which is sure to give a vintage yet contemporary look to your abode.

Home By Shekhavati is also an epitome of superb quality solid wood furniture. It uses only 100% solid wood which is again 100% treated so as to manufacture alluring pieces of furniture. The royal furniture company, Home By Shekhavati, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified which itself is an assurance of excellent quality. It has also been awarded as the Best Furniture Company of India Award for ten times by Export Promotion Council for Handicraft (EPCH). Home By Shekhavati also holds the certifications like Bureau Variate, SGS and Intertk which is an assurance of premium quality of solid wood furniture online.

Home By Shekhavati offers a plethora of solid wood furniture online with its online furniture store. The products offered by Home By Shekhavati is robust yet elegant and hence making it your favorite brands for hardwood furniture.

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