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Sheesham Wood

Sheesham Wood which is also known as Indian Rosewood, is a wood from the tree native to the Indian Subcontinent. The largest producer of Sheesham tree is Punjab in both the countries i.e. Pakistan and India. Sheesham wood is mostly used in furniture because of its durable yet elegant nature. Along with its use in furniture, the Sheesham trees are also used as natural shade for tea plantation.

Sheesham wood in Furniture

Around the globe, Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture, which are Solid wood furniture, are preferred because of its durable nature and longevity. Sheesham also has natural rich grains which varies from one piece to another thereby offering every piece of furniture a unique look. If the furniture is carved out of Solid Sheesham Wood then the life span is a whopping 30 years for these furniture. And in this time span the furniture does not decay at all because of the premium quality Sheesham Hardwood.

Teak Wood vs. Sheesham

Teak wood mostly dig a big hole in the pocket because of its very rare nature while Sheesham is easily available yet it is robust enough to stand against the test of time and durability. Also, the Sheesham wood comes at a reasonable price. Teak needs an extreme care and maintenance. It is mostly used for outside furniture and because of Sunlight and Rain the surface starts to decay and hence a regular care is required for Teak wood. On the other hand Sheesham wood furniture is used mostly for indoor purpose. The age of Sheesham wood is very long and it hardly requires any major maintenance except for frequent cleaning and wiping.

Elegant lifestyle with Sheesham

Sheesham wooden lifestyle furniture is sure to amplify the look of your abode with its magnificent yet robust look. It goes with any color combination and hence does not force the surrounding to be of specific color theme.

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