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Shekhawati Furniture Online

Home by Shekhavati, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is a largest manufacturer of solid wood artistic furniture in India and a leading online wholesaler of the magnificent carved wood. Under its Shekhawati range of furniture, Home by Shekhavati offers a wide range of stunning and durable furniture which is sure to escalate the charisma of your abode.

The Shekhawati art is exquisitely carved on the wood to turn the same into a flamboyant piece of furniture in order to make it a cynosure of eyes. The furniture under Shekhawati collection includes plethora of furniture types. Some of them includes Shekhawati furniture bedroom sets, Shekhawati furniture Dining set, Shekhawati mirrors, Shekhawati opium coffee table, Shekhawati Night Stand, Shekhawati Magazine Stand, etc.

The aforementioned range of Shekhawati furniture are carved out of solid seesham wood which is an epitome of durability and robustness. Not only do these pieces of Shekhawati art give a royal and heritage look but also they have a wide storage capacity to secure all the belongings of the user.

Not only Home by Shekhavati deals in Solid wood furniture online in India but also it is also a leading name when it comes to supplier of reputed vintage Rajasthani furniture online. Along with Shekhawati furniture, Home by Shekhavati also offers other designs such as The Yoga, Maharaja, vintage-home, etc. and other vintage décor items.