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August 04, 2015


Contemporary yet Classy! Exists!


Usually, what is new, is not always classy, and what is old, is not always contemporary. Well, thankfully, today it is. Home By Shekhavati brings you a range of furniture that is contemporary, yet classy.

This is due to the fact that all the pieces are hand crafted, and are not just pieces of furniture, but works of art. Right from bedside tables to office bookcases and writing desks, Home By Shekhavati has hit the sweet-spot in the luxury furniture market, by providing solutions that look and feel solid. Great furniture has minimal design, but does not look boring. The wood must exude a personality of its own, and the finish must be supreme. That is exactly what Home By Shekhavati offers.

The Frett Work 3 seater sofa, is modern yet ergonomic, the Global Home Balaji Coffee table has an interesting pattern, and Yoga’s TV Units are simply breath-taking. These pieces are all selected carefully before placing them online.

India was lacking an online website to buy luxury furniture. Every other website for furniture was catering to those searching for the contemporary. Unfortunately, all that was sold to them was mediocre pieces that boasted of multiple use. Which is why, on Home By Shekhavati, you will find clearly segregated furniture. With each piece being unique in form and function caters to a very a very specific need.

Even the humble bedside table have an impact on the way your bedroom looks. Your coffee table needs to look good, while the sofa set must be comfortable so guests can sit comfortably in your house. Home By Shekhavati’s range caters to every living space. Everything is very reasonably priced, and looks unique. Also it is not mass produced that means each piece of furniture has a personality of its own.

Contemporary and classy go hand in hand when it comes to the furniture available at Home By Shekhavati. The products have an old world charm about them, but are not ancient when it comes to their styling and function. The wood is great, durable and is built to last. Hence, this unique fusion of is brought first-to-market exclusively by Home By Shekhavati.

July 29, 2015


Your Bedroom Decor, Your Way

Your bedroom is the most personal part of your home. It is that part of your home where one retreats after the day is done, to rest and get rejuvenated and revived to face the day that comes next. To put it simply, it is where you can leave the world behind, and just be you, uninhibited, with not a care in the world.

Earlier, gigantic homes would have large, cumbersome four-poster beds, that did look great, but took up too much unnecessary space. This gave way to modern furniture, where the entire logic of thought changed. Now, people have shifted to mentality where they want to save space. Sadly, this has also marked the downfall of quality handmade woodwork that is available online. Beds size shrunk, grew less comfortable, and worse, made of cheap wood that would soon meet an expiry.

Thankfully, Home By Shekhavati has brought a revolution in the online luxury furniture space. You can now plonk yourself into a master bed, that is large, but does not take up too much space. It also holds a great storage space underneath it, by virtue of boxes that can hold vast quantities of linen and bedspreads which leaves you with enough space in your wardrobe, to hang your clothes.

Furnish your bedroom your way with the exclusive range of luxury high end custom hand-made furniture available exclusively at Home By Shekhavati. Check out the Bakhara Double Bed which are solid, and the fittings are secure, so even if your kids treat it as bungee jumper, you won’t need to worry about it breaking.

The Bakhara dressing table and the Bakhara Chest of Drawers are other classic bedroom additions that you must have. Maharaja makes some really beautiful bedside tables that are sure to hold your bedside lamp with elan. Wardrobes that are wooden and solid nowadays are rare, but the Bakhara Wardrobe is a perfect example of the aforementioned.

Last but not the least, a gorgeous wall mounted mirror by Shekhawati is great to groom yourself before you step out to take over the world!

The range at Home By Shekhavati is designed keeping the luxury customers in mind. The furniture looks and feels great. These customized pieces will ensure that your bedroom has its own identity and does not look unpleasing and uninviting. After all, given that the bedroom is the space where you rest it out, it is imperative that you take the correct initiative when it comes to  furnish it. And where else you can find these luxurious furniture then Home By Shekhavati which is an epitome of quality bedroom furniture in India.

July 24, 2015


Luxury Furnishing, Now In India!


Our country has not seen too many e-commerce ventures in the living spaces segment. E-commerce’s primary objective is to make everything easy, simple and cheap. Well, that has happened for everything from mobile phones, to books and laptops. Furniture has seen some sites, but these are more often than not quick fixes, without any substantial value.

This is where Home By Shekhavati has stepped in to fill the niche for Custom Luxury high end woodwork in India. The range of furniture is exotic and exquisite, at prices that are reasonable, to say the least.

Luxury furnishing and online retail do not traditionally go hand in hand. This is because of the public’s skewed perception that anything that is available online does not last long. Shattering all these myths Home By Shekhavati has come up with a vast range of luxury furniture that is sure to transform your house into a home, and a royal one at that.

Choose from a wide range of products, from top notch stunning collections like Global Home, Yoga, Shekhawati, all from the comfort of your home.These products are benchmarks in craftsmanship and design. Boasting of the best quality wood being used, they look and feel great and solid, something reminiscent of the classic furniture available back in the day.

There is no dearth of range on this website, you can find everything from a TV Unit, to an office chair and everything in between. However, these are not regular run of the mill products that you can find on any online store. These are products that have been chosen carefully to be showcased on Home By Shekhavati, a website that believes that luxury furniture, and online retail, should go hand in hand. Whether it is a dining table seating six, or a simple coffee table centrepiece you can find it all here. Luxury furnishing comes with a certain level of expectation. When you invest in furniture from Home By Shekhavati, you can be rest assured, that everything is hand-made, custom, and of the highest quality. The products go through several stringent quality checks, before they find themselves adorning your home.

Classy durable furniture for every room of your home, serving every purpose imaginable is brought to you by Home By Shekhavati. Only the choicest hand-picked furniture pieces that remind you of the highest level of luxury can now be introduced to your very own home!

Classy durable furniture for every room of your home, serving every purpose imaginable is brought to you by Home By Shekhavati. Only the choicest hand-picked furniture pieces that remind you of the highest level of luxury can now be introduced to your very own home!

Make your living style "A statement"

Your home is one of the very precious possessions that provides you a door to happiness and relaxation. Hence, the need for a beautiful and comfortable place that makes you feels at home in the end.

A house is decorated by different individuals and in many ways. Use of different kinds of furniture is a reflection of your mind for how do you wish to keep your place. Ultimately that is how you are judged by the guests at home. There are a variety of furniture and furnishing styles for experimenting the looks and ideas of decoration.

One such renowned brand that offers both contemporary and custom made furniture is Home By Shekhavati. It brings in the concept of transforming our choices to beautiful yet stylized furniture that is exquisite. Home By Shekhavati puts forward quality craftsmanship and meets timeless design that satisfies both your needs and taste. Some of the furniture you may refer to is Bakhara Bed Double with storage built in, Bakhara Dressing Table, The Shekhawati Bar Cabinet, The Shekhawati Coffee table and many more. This kind of furniture makes your furniture selection royal. Apart from these, you may refer to contemporary storage racks and tables like The Yoga Book Case Shelves, The Yoga End Table, The Yoga Plazma Table and The Yoga Sideboard.

Home By Shekhavati has designed numerous pieces of furniture such as the Vintage Beds both with and without storage, Vintage Bed Side Table and Vintage Home Chest Drawers. We offer you the pleasure of one stop shop in the genre of furniture that is home made and customized. You can now shape your dream home with the best designs and thoughts you bear in mind with Home By Shekhavati.