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September 10, 2015


The Bed. Things you should know about it.


Bed. An object we seek at the end of our day when we feel fatigue and out of energy. The soft pillows and the spongy mattress is where we can lie down and forget about how good/bad the day has been. It is again the same place where we share our thoughts with either ourselves or with our spouse. A bed is meant to rejuvenate ourselves with of sleep. While there are many types of beds available for us to rest but nothing pampers us more than a large double king sized bed with a thick mattress and loads of pillows.

 During the time of early man, people slept in caves. Weather was inclement and cold, and they often used old animal skins to keep themselves warm. Later, beds during the time of the Roman Empire and the medieval ages were massive, especially in the houses of the royals.

 Even in India, the royal families had massive bedrooms and occupying these huge spaces were imposing beds with huge bed stands and towering height. Infact, the bedsteads of the Egyptians were so high that to ascend on them steps were used sometimes. In India, we had (and still have) the Charpoy. Usually made of ropes tied across a roughly put together wooden frame, the charpoy is often used in villages. A modern foldable version of it is also available which is made of aluminium and mostly used in cities.

 Then there are various kinds of beds that have been classified according to types. For instance, adjustable beds which can be varied in terms of height, air bed that has an air mattress instead of a regular one. This can be rolled up and packed and is mostly intended for guest use. Other type is Bassinets which are beds for infants, a bunk bed which is an arrangement whereby one bed is on top of the other, a hammock which is a temporary resting place created by tying the two opposite ends to trees, a murphy bed which can be folded into a cabinet or a wall. These are designed to save space in cramped environs.

These are some unique types of beds. Though there are available hundreds of variations. So, from now onwards when you decide to rest, do remember the furniture that you are being cradled in has quite the history!



September 04, 2015


Home By Shekhavati - The only place for your furniture needs.

Furniture is an indispensable part of your home. Without it, the house looks abandoned. People looking for houses even on rent prefer one that have been pre furnished. Buying furniture for your house is a pain. You need to consult a decorator, visit shops, and choose the right kind of furniture pieces for your home. And if you want modular furniture it is available everywhere. Those are not made of real wood but an extract that is brittle and prone to breaking. Also, it does not give the look and feel of quality timber. If you want furniture like it used to be back in the day, tough, classy, and can withstand the test of time, you need to look hard.

 But not anymore.  Home By Shekhavati offers quality handmade furniture at affordable prices. These have been manufactured with utmost care. The wood is premium and it is built to last. Plus, you don't have to worry about the way it looks since Home By Shekhavati has a piece of furniture for every purpose, every home and every budget. Be it center tables, beds, or the good old chest of drawers, there is something for everyone on the online retail store of Home By Shekhavati which gives out traditional quality furniture at extremely reasonable prices.

Bedroom, living room, dining room, office furniture and even a design alley allows you to choose and pick from a dazzling array of fine furniture. Then there are design types like Bakhara, Shekhawati, Yoga and a dedicated vintage center which houses legendary pieces of furniture. The handmade furniture culture has been preserved here too. Handmade furniture allows each piece to have a distinct character. Unlike something that is mass produced something handmade furniture has a lot of thought being put into it at every level, whether it is the design aspect or the actual crafting and assembling the final bits.

That is why Home By Shekhavati's furniture has a distinct character. You can ask any furniture expert and they will vouch for the fact that handmade furniture lasts many times longer than machine made pieces that have no soul. Something that has been made with experience and love shall always prevail.Discounts and schemes also are in plenty. The launch offer allows you to claim a great 10% off on all orders above a certain amount. The vintage furniture has a certain way of character that appeals to everyone. It is beautiful, timeless and aesthetic.

September 02, 2015


Importance of furniture in Office Space

Office is one such space where the management always endeavor to increase the productivity of the employees by motivating them and keeping them boosted towards the work. There are various tools, techniques and factors to always keep the morale of the employees escalated. Once such factor is “Comfortability”. It simply means that whether or not an employee of the firm is comfortable at the workplace.

Furniture is the quintessential of comfortability. You could not expect an employee to work while standing for the whole day neither could you expect an employee to bend his back bone on a chair which is agonizing. To give him/her a pleasant shift, the management must invest time and efforts to choose the best of furniture for their workforce.

Not only the furniture is essential in terms of sitting but an employee searches for comfortability when it comes to desk too. Sometime the desks are not so wide to hold the belongings of the worker. And if they are wide, one is sure to find scratches and cuts on the wood of the desk. And the same either torn or dig a hole in the paper or important documents while jotting down on them.

Also, in storing important files and documents furniture plays an indispensable role. It prevents the losing of important files by keeping them secure in one place. It saves time because it keeps every important document at one place and employees find them instantly. Hence, shifting the focus on work.

Home By Shekhavati, with its magnificence designs and grandeur styles, promotes an epic culture at workplace. Be it the Shekhawati Double Door Storage, Console Table, Writing Desk or Single Door Bookcase. They all add to the charm of the office and provide employees a feel of home. Lastly, ornamenting the office with the décor offering from Home By Shekhavati could enhance inspiration and creativity among the staff

With these classic yet contemporary designs and styles, the productivity is among the employees is sure to shoot up.

August 28, 2015


Venturing into a professionally planned home?



Venturing into a professionally planned home can be bumping in a positive manner. Whether you are at a get-away rental, or going by a neighbor down the road - venturing into an all around outlined space, regardless of the possibility that you don't have the information or vocabulary to precisely depict it, abandons you in amazement. Here's the stunning part: it is not that hard. A little bit at a time, piece by piece and you can change your  space into something out of an outline inventory.

The Bakhara Collection

Bring home the eye-catching Bakhara collection in a charming walnut color which adds to the glory of your furniture. The large, imposing furniture allows ample space to spread royalty and luxury. The breathtaking door design is the perfect amalgamation of elegance and grandeur. The fine wall decor items for your bedroom, living room, dining space, gallery, aisle, etc. from the collection will definitely make for a stylish addition to your dwelling.

The Maharaja collection

The Maharaja Collection defines ultimate sophistication and introduces endless charm to the living space. Great to look at, the collection has perfectly engraved carvings that accentuate its beauty. The impeccable design is a great specimen of tradition, grandeur and magnificence. The well finished collection epitomizes its excellent quality.

The Vintage Home collection

The Vintage collection makes a beautiful accent piece for the living room, bedroom or anywhere else you need. Add a dash of classic flair to your decor with this stylish collection. The sleek, solid wood structure gives a classy look and provides ample support for comfortable experience. The intricate detailing on the furniture is definitely a show stealer.

The Shekhawati Collection

The Shekhawati Bar Collection is an embodiment of grace and style that is sure to make a significant addition to your home decor. The immaculately designed shelves, drawers and cabinets provide ample space with the outstanding texture which makes you want to run your fingers all over it. The use of glass at the right places makes it even more charming.  


So, what are you going to add to your home decor ?

August 25, 2015


Furniture Design. What works and what doesn't?

Furniture has been around forever. Ever since we realized that we need to stop sitting on logs and the use of tools to turn those logs into shapes that we find pretty, we have been producing furniture constantly.  Early vintage furniture was functional. The wood was solid and designs were at par with that era. With the passage of time we got environmentally conscious and nodded to preserve the trees. Also, we started using wood substitutes like some metals, cane and artificial wood to make modern furniture.

The most durable piece of furniture is a park bench but that is not the ideal furniture you'd want at home. Similarly, the most comfortable bean bag will spoil in the rain and hence can’t be an ideal furniture again. Designing and crafting a furniture is a complicated process. There is only one constant but many variables. What we want in terms of looks, usage, life-span, etc., needs to be taken into account before we buy our furniture today. For those who have the time to look carefully and smartly, great furniture does exist.

Furniture design is indispensable in decorating living space. You might want something specific and this is a tricky proposition as bad furniture can make or break the entire visual balance of your home. If you have a vintage bungalow you can keep those massive wooden cupboards that probably came with it but if you live in a studio apartment in a high rise tower you might need to make some important furniture choices.

There are different uses for different kinds of furniture. An end table and a side table are both tables but both are unique in their own way. Similarly, a bookshelf can come in a dazzling array of shapes. There are some furniture that serves only a singular purpose and takes up a large space  in your house. The chest of drawers and bed are good examples of this. Each piece of furniture needs to be picked carefully so they don’t clash with the others.

Home By Shekhavati is an excellent place to shop for authentic handcrafted wooden furniture that regains the class of vintage and combines with it the much needed functionality of the modern. Frett Work, Bakhara and a host of other design offer beds, cupboards, nightstands, coffee tables, dressing tables, center tables etc. that look great, come at a bargain and will last for a lifetime. There is an added advantage of the guarantee of great furniture that Home By Shekhavati offers. Do check out our entire range at our online portal.

August 21, 2015


Furniture and Wall Color Combination

You bring home a grandeur piece of furniture to make your place look astounding. Simultaneously, you also have plans to give a new look to the walls of your abode either by paint or wallpapers. But you are in doldrums as to which color should be used to paint the wall so as to make it match with the intelligently crafted wood piece you just brought at your home. Be worry free as we are here to take  you out of this dilemma.

Colors are subjective and also depends on lot many things. Firstly, remember that it is not necessary for the wall color to exactly match with that of furniture. But at least each of them should complement the other. Keeping the same in mind, note the color of your furniture and chose a light shade of the same color for your walls. This would simply highlight the furniture of your room.

In case you are not planning to paint your walls but buying a new furniture which could match the color then make a note of that color in your room which dominates other color. Choose the furniture of that color or an equivalent shade and the final result of this fusion would be an icing on the cake for the décor of your room. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the floor of your room before your purchase furniture. Sometime it so happens that you are able to match the color of your furniture with that of your walls but when once you fill your room with furniture, it refuses to match with the color of your floor and hence gives an odd ambience.

If you love experimenting with the colors of your furniture and walls then there are available lot many digital applications for your gadgets where you can apply the permutation and combination and chose the colors which please you the most.

At Home By Shekhavati, along with an elegant and very wide range of luxury furniture to choose from, we offer furniture in various shades, styles and design that are sure to go with the ambience of your abode.
August 13, 2015


The woes of poor quality wood

Wooden furniture is much sought products nowadays. However, it is very easy to lay your hands on poor quality furniture that will not withstand the test of time and toughness. You must always distinguish good wooden furniture from bad. Because choice of bad wood, especially, in our Indian climate could be disastrous.

Good wooden furniture is ridiculously expensive. Some say it is virtually impossible to find quality wooden furniture at a reasonable rate. All you get is faux-wood that decays quickly. Poor quality wood begins to show its true colors a few months after purchase. For instance, the top layer will start to peel off leaving an ugly interior. The worse doesn’t stop here. Then comes the termites’ attack which will make your furniture fall apart completely. This kind of wood also absorbs more moisture from the atmosphere which makes it susceptible to more damage.

Therefore, it is very important to invest in good quality wood that feels solid and ages gracefully. This is where Home By Shekhavati comes into play. There are Bakhara Double Beds and Chest of Drawers that will stand the test of time and toughness. These units are handcrafted out of the best quality wood and craftsmanship that you will not find anywhere in India. These are meant for the long run and are affordably priced.

Good quality wood at affordable rates seems to be the modus operandi of Home By Shekhavati Online Store. One look at the furniture and you will realize this is the real deal. No useless ornamentation on the furniture makes it feel solid. Though bad quality wood is a quick solution to furniture dilemmas but a decision you are sure to regret in the long run. It is recommended not to go with something just because it is cheap. After all, nothing that is good comes for dirt cheap. Furniture that is durable and will stand the long run should be your target.

Treat yourself with the fine pieces of furniture on Home By Shekhavati and order one. You will instantly know the feeling of handling great quality woodwork and a superb workmanship. With products like these, Home By Shekhavati is setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, beauty and toughness in the Indian furniture space.


August 10, 2015


Wedding and Furniture

Wedding is a red-letter day in one’s life for marrying someone means a new start in many ways. You might have a great job and a set of lifestyle but soon you will be sharing your life with someone. Keeping in the mind the same you will have to make certain lifestyle and attitude adjustments.
A big part of getting married is setting up a home. This is the case when a couple is moving to a new country, city or a new part of the same city. Now the first thing that comes to mind is furniture. Sprinting from one end of the city to other searching for a coffee table is perfect only if you do so at midnight when there is no traffic on the roads. Since no furniture store remains in the wee hours, Home By Shekhavati is the best option that offers comprehensive luxury furniture solutions which do not even dig a hole in your pocket and also augment your standard of living.
You can choose from double beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobes for your bedroom and a center table, TV Unit and a Shoe Rack for your living room. Also available are there great options for Dining space. Option for many beautiful Home Decor items is also available on Home By Shekhavati. You can choose from Steel Stools to useful little bowls that hold anything you want. For brides there are ornate jewellery cases to keep your wedding ornaments safe and damage free.
Along with the convenient shopping experience on the online portal of Home By Shekhavati, you also get surprise by the price of the solid wood furniture. The prices are so enticing that you would not want to leave the comfort of your home to go and look for furniture anywhere else. The products are handcrafted out of the best wood that is available.
Home By Shekhavati Online Portal, which allows you to buy luxury and royal furniture without leaving your comfort zone, has been making life easier for newlyweds by offering furniture solutions for their new love nest.
August 07, 2015


Optimize Your Living Space

Today, houses are getting smaller as families prefer nuclear way of living. This process of fragmentation has been happening over the past few years and will continue to happen for people move out of their comfort zones to places that are more lucrative in terms of economic opportunities. Moving involves task of setting up abode somewhere else and turning it into a good living space. One integral factor in the latter task is choosing the right and elegant Furniture.  

The furniture dilemma in times like these is solved by Home By Shekhavati. Bringing together old world charm fused with modern technology and retaining the magic of handcrafted furniture, this website is all about quality woodwork that promises to stay with you through life’s thick and thins.

Having said that, it is a good practice to optimize your living space. Too much furniture means excess clutter and too less of it means a lack of elegant factor. Hence, there should be a balance in choosing the right furniture. For Instance, the master bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the house. It usually takes up the majority of space in the bedroom, which incidentally also must have a cupboard and a dressing table.

For saving space, choose the Bakhara Master Bed with Box storage. This ensures that you have space underneath to store bed linen, something that would take up a lot of unnecessary space in your wardrobe. This makes your wardrobe spacious enough for your clothes and other essentials. A good shoe rack saves space. Taking up not more than a couple of feet in length/breadth, these ensure that your shoes are in one place and not left littered all over the house. The shoe rack also ensures, by default, that you maintain a good habit of removing your footwear and putting it specifically at a place while not leaving it all over the place.

There are many pieces of furniture that actually save much more space than they take up. It would be a good thing to go through the options on Home By Shekhavati’s online store and make a right choice. And the prices are modest to say the least. You could choose anything and be rest assured that the wood, craftsmanship, and guarantee is in place. In fact, Home By Shekhavati is the only place where one could find authentic wood furniture. Shop at Home By Shekhavati, and give your home an identity today.

August 05, 2015


Interior Decor. A few Essentials

Interior Decor. A few Essentials

Home Decor is a very tricky space. There is a misconception among people that anything that can be hung on a wall or put on a table, can be classified as decor. This is far from the truth. Decor is intact all-encompassing and can even include small pieces of furniture. For example, a bedside table, or a work-bench can fall under both furniture and decor umbrellas. Also, decor is a term loosely thrown around and confuses people because they do not know what to invest in and what to stay far away from.

If your decor is beautiful and tasteful your house will be accentuated in terms of elegance. But if you choose the wrong decor, you might end up looking like you bought your home decor from the nearby most convenient flea market. Here we talk about some simple items of decor that you should include in your home in order to make it look great and appealing.

The most ubiquitous home decor item is the magazine box. Usually, people are in a state of mind to fill their racks with Forbes and Sports magazine issues to show how well read they are. But the stand in which these are kept usually turn old very early and that aren’t in use any more. Magazine Basket category has some quality products that deserve a mention in this regard. Made of the highest quality wood, these come in royal finishes so that your latest magazine issues are held in style.

Another common item in any household is a wall-clock. Either you can have one of those made of cheap tacky plastic that look like they came free with a box of cereal or you can have the Shekhawati Wall Clocks. They are reasonably priced and exude class which shows you time accurately.

A Key Bowl is an essential in every household. Keys are the most commonly replaced items and unlike cellphones you cannot “call your set of keys” in case if you lose them. While key hangers are great but sometimes the hooks fall off and the continuous rubbing of wood against your wall spoils both the wood and the emulsion. Introducing the Assorted Old Look Bowl that contains anything from a couple of sets of keys to something that you might think of value. There is also the Key Box for you to keep you keys more securely.

Decor is important and essential. Home By Shekhavati brings you the most innovative, classy and durable Home Decor that is present in today’s competitive space of Home Decor Items.