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May 30, 2016


5 Effective Tips to Shield Furniture against Pets

You shower your love on your pets all the time, but the same adorable feeling towards your pets might not come from your elegant furniture as it always get scratched by them as and when they both come in contact. Below are certain tips to protect your furniture from pets.
  1. Confine your pets: If your abode contains a piece of furniture which is very close to your heart then make sure to set boundaries for your pets. If you have a leather furniture then your pets might torn it and in case you own a magnificent solid wood furniture then your pets might end up scratching it.
  2. Look for alternatives: In case your pets hold a soft corner for your living room or a room which has your favorite furniture, then offer them alternatives like cat-bed or dog basket. These alternatives aid a lot in avoiding dust and fur from the furniture.

  1. Clean them often: Wipe or vacuum your pet-favorite-furniture more often. Also build a habit to rotate cushions regularly. Along with cleaning your furniture, give a bath to your pets on a frequent basis.

  1. Cover it up: It’s better to keep your furniture protected from pets by throwing an elegant cover on it. It is easy to wipe and dust a cover as compared to the entire piece of furniture. “Pet Blankets” or “Pet Mats” are also an alternative of covers.
  2. Give them something to scratch: You cannot stop pets from scratching as it is their natural instinct. If you want them to plonk on your furniture and not to scratch them then give them something to scratch. That object will surely divert their scratching instinct from furniture and give them a reason to shake their tails.
May 16, 2016


Boost productivity at workplace with these effective tips

Though motivational speeches by leaders, monetary and non-monetary benefits aid in shooting up the productivity to a great extent. But did you know that even simple tips like changing cubicle color and adding decor items have a significant role in escalating productivity at the office? Here’s how you can increase the productivity among employees.

Shades – Most of the cubicles around the world are painted grey. It is often considered as the color of wisdom and intellect. But according to experts of colors, grey is associated with depression and isolation. Therefore, it is recommended to paint the office with other vibrant colors, for instance, blue and green which have a calming effect and helps in lowering anxiety.

Lights – Studies reveal that florescent light hanging above the cubicles of employees results into health problem such as migraine, energy loss, etc. It is suggested that more natural light should be allowed in the office space and employees should occupy space near windows.

Plants – Being surrounded by nature always has a positive effect on soul and mind. Same has been observed in employees. Plants in the office improve attendance of employees, increase job satisfaction and thereby increases the overall productivity.


Furniture and Décor items – An organization investing generously in furniture and décor items, especially solid wood office furniture and décor items, is likely to witness an increased productivity among the employees. These classic yet contemporary furniture make employees feel home and infuse in the working area a magnificent look.


That’s how you can prevent your furniture from Graying

Furniture wood grows in countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and India. Furniture from furniture wood such as Sheesham wood is a premium quality furniture due to a plethora of special qualities that it possesses. When the wood matures it holds in it natural oil which protects it from damage from water, rot, insects, etc.

The same oil also bestows the furniture with natural golden color. But it requires a high maintenance. In case, if the oil dries up with the passage of time then the wood turns gray and hence loses its charms. To prevent the graying of furniture, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Prevent keeping the wooden furniture under direct sunlight or near windows where it gets coated with dust.

  • Avoid keeping your furniture outside during monsoon season.
  • In case you want to keep it outside then make sure to cover your furniture with an outdoor furniture cover.


  • Use a Teak Sealer to protect your wooden furniture. Teak sealer, a water-based water resistant compound, give an extra layer to furniture which protects it from UV rays of sun, rain, snow and dust. This avoids the oil in the wood to evaporate, thereby preserving the original honey color of furniture.

Furniture: An Essential Part of your Abode

A house isn’t made of just bricks and stones. There’s a lot that goes into the making of a beautiful and welcoming home. So, while you have paid great attention to the exterior designing, paint and small details of your abode, have you given equal thought to the interiors as well? Because though the outsides may be for the world to see, the inside is yours to own.

Make your space chic, stylish, classy and infuse a dash of sophistication with the class apart yet affordable range of furniture at one of India’s fastest growing websites for home décor, Home By Shekhavati.



The Bedroom - That’s the one room everyone looks forward to retiring after a long day at work. Fret no more about space and function, because the bedroom sets have been conceptualized and created keeping in mind the uniformity and aesthetic appeal of your master room.

The Dining Space- We understand that a meal isn’t just a few mouthfuls of food that help you get through the day. It is a time when the family comes together to share their joys, experiences, plans and share warmth with one another over good food and drinks. The dining set range at Home By Shekhavati is skillfully sculpted and looks ultra-chic gracing your home.

Cupboards and Closets- Right from housing your favorite books and show pieces to neatly storing away your sartorial merchandises, the cupboards and closets range from both understated designs that will silently adorn the corner of your room to stand alone pieces that demand immediate attention of onlookers along with endless praise and envy.

Tables- Tables are essential to giving the final touch to your room décor. They discreetly fulfill several functions, for example, the presence of a table in the nook of your home can prevent it from looking unattended or ignored. Similarly, the center table has to naturally blend with its surroundings, in order to avoid it from appearing as a hurriedly and thoughtlessly bought article.

At Home By Shekhavati, you are sure to find flamboyance, elegance and superiority rolled into one. Because we do make dream homes come true.

December 19, 2015


Are you protecting your furniture in winter?

The chill breeze has started to make our teeth grate. We have taken out our warm garment from the wardrobes, which were lying there from past one year. Quilts and blankets have been thrown in the sunlight to make them loose pungent smell. But meanwhile our solid wood furniture lying in the open are still looking forward for protection from winter. Listed below are certain ways through which solid wood furniture can be protected from bleak winter.

  1. Use of Sealant – Sealant is a substance which acts a moisture repellent for furniture. It prevents the winter moist to enter into the furniture. Moisture may lead to wood freeze and ultimately crack the furniture. Even if you cover your furniture in winter, it is advised to use sealant before covering it.
  2. Protect furniture to avoid the corrosion of metal frame – In case your solid wood furniture has a metal frame then it is very much essential to prevent its corrosion from freezing rain and snow. In case if your metal frame sold wood furniture is lying in open, make sure that you bring them inside during winter. Also, you can use outdoor furniture protector which is a sealant for metal frame furniture.
  3. Covering your furniture – If you have garden furniture and you can’t bring them inside because of lack of room then make sure to cover it up with an outdoor furniture cover. This keeps away rain, snow and dust at bay from the furniture.
  4. Clean it up – Before you cover up your furniture for the entire winter, clean it up properly. A meticulous dusting of furniture can maintain an alluring appearance even after the winter. Also, cleaning and maintaining of solid wood furniture make your investment last longer.
  5. Keep your furniture sheltered – During winter, you want to relish a hot beverage in your garden then make sure you place your furniture under a shelter. Keeping furniture under shelter prevents rain and snow to spoil the furniture.
November 30, 2015


10 Tips to Purchase Furniture Online

The world has forayed in a digital era and so are the businesses. Be it fashion, footwear or furniture, many industries have now click and mortar presence. Therefore, we are here with certain tips to purchase furniture online.

  1. Once you land on any online furniture store then go to its “About Us” page. It gives you an insight of their products and whether or not they deal in furniture which matches your style.
  2. Check the return and shipping policy of the retailer you are purchasing the furniture from. This aids in informing you about delivery network of the vendor, shipping cost, etc.
  3. Inspect the furniture personally. Ask the online retailer if they have an offline presence or warehouse where you can go and finalize the furniture after personally inspecting it.
  4. Enquire or research about the payment gateway of the online furniture vendor before transferring your hard earned money online.
  5. Read the descriptions of the furniture pieces before finalizing any one of them. Note down the use of that piece and significantly its size and measurements.
  6. Read the reviews of the furniture piece you are planning to purchase.
  7. Before finalizing a budget and even at the time of making payment, keep in mind the taxes.
  8. Check if the online vendor is offering Cash on Delivery payment mode.
  9. Ask the retailer if the furniture requires any installation. If yes, then is the installation free or there are any extra charges for installation and who is going to bear that installation charge.
  10. Ask the retailer for the bill, warranty card and other accessories (if any) of the furniture.
November 10, 2015


May this Diwali surround you with Peace and Prosperity

Diwali, the festival wherein each and every nook our nation, India, is illuminated with lights and the gleam of diyas. People take leaves almost a week a before and rush to their homes to prepare for Diwali. Just before two days of Diwali, people go out to the market on the occasion of Dhanteras and bring in home lot many décor items to ornament their abode. They also invest in furniture, automobiles, gold and electronic items and relish the presence of new purchase in their homes.

Once the prayers for prosperity ends, people commence to celebrate Diwali. They greet each other, light diyas and enjoy savoring sweets with their family & friends. There remains a festive vibe in the aura on Diwali and a pure and fresh starts awaits the next day.

On this auspicious occasion, Home By Shekhavati wishes everyone a very happy and a prosperous Diwali. May the gleam of diyas enlighten your lives with joy and prosperity.

October 17, 2015


Bestow the aura of your home with a royal look

India is known for its rich heritage culture and it is also renowned for its solid wood furniture. The Sheesham wood with which most of the premium quality furniture is made, also grows in India. Furniture carved out of the wood of Sheesham tree is known for its durability and longevity.

Home By Shekhavati with its enhanced range of Solid Wood Furniture online offers a luxurious experience right at your home. The colonial furniture offered by Home By Shekhavati comes in plethora of design and styles. Some of them being The Maharaja, Frett Work, Bakhara, Vintage Home, and Shekhawati, etc. These designs and styles are carved out of solid wood and bestow the surrounding of your home and the décor of it a vintage look.

Not only the furniture by Home By Shekhavati, which is available online, escalates the charisma of your home but also they are durable enough to stand the test of time and toughness. Talking about the quality, Home By Shekhavati proudly holds lot many quality certifications and awards such as SGS Certificate, ISO 9001:2008, certificate from Intertek, certificate from Bureau Veritas, etc. Along with these certificates, Home By Shekhavati has been awarded as the Best Furniture Company of India for ten times by Export Promotion Council for Handicraft (EPCH).

Be it Solid Wood Bed, Dining Table, Solidwood Sideboard, Writing Desk or Solidwood bedstand. Choose from a wide range of Vintage furniture and exclusive décor items from the online furniture store of Home By Shekhavati and gift the aura of your home a royal look which it always deserved. Also available at Home By Shekhavati is the option of customization with which the artistic craftsmen of Home By Shekhavati would turn a mere log of wood into a royal furniture of your wish to give a vintage and a luxurious look to your home.

October 10, 2015


Does your furniture require fixing?

Perhaps your dad got that chair long back in your home and your great grandfather purchased the bed of your bedroom when he was young. There are furniture at your place which are there from coon’s age and you seem to cherish its presence from a very long time and obviously don’t want any harm to it.

One fine day you plonk on your furniture just to listen to that annoying squeaking sound coming out of your adorable piece of furniture.  Seems like it’s the time that your furniture need some repairs and fixing. Mention below are some points which tell you the right time to get your furniture fixed. 

  • When the magnificent piece of furniture starts to make maddening creaky sound as and when you rest on it. 
  • When your furniture, especially bed, start moving back and forth then it’s the high time to tighten it to prolong its life. 
  • When you plonk on a sofa set and realize that you are sinking down too deep then make sure to firm up the springs in order to maintain a right level of the sofa set. 
  • When the sofa/chair button pop off from the surface then stitch them back to the sofa set with special needles available in order to avoid further tearing of the sofa cover. 
  • Tight the loosen drawers back before the mechanism of the drawers completely get out of order. 
  • If the chair starts to wobble a lot then remember to add braces to the joints to make it very much stable. 
  • If your table wobbles then it’s the time to fix coin shaped glides under it so as make it perfectly balanced on the floor. 
  • When the furniture starts loosening its shine then it’s the high time to renew the polish and bestow the furniture with its shine again. 

These were certain time limits which are to be kept in mind so as to offer a proper care and maintenance to the elegant wooden beauties. Though certain tips and hacks too are mentioned but the ultimate care to the furniture beauties can be given by keeping the furniture clean all the time. 

October 03, 2015


Tips to keep your furniture clean

After a thorough research and rejecting lots of options and vendors you finally settle for a furniture. With lots of efforts you bring it home and nod for a place for a furniture. But with the spills of liquids and gathering of dust, the magnificent piece of furniture turns into a mere wood log. Below are certain tips to protect your furniture from damage and keep it young for millenniums.

  1. Use of Coasters - No matter what type of drink it is or till what point the glass is filled, always use coasters rather than resting the glass directly on the furniture and leaving a stain on it. 
  1. Wipe it with nano fiber clothes - Wipe your furniture daily and do it with nano fiber cloth only. Rubbing it with cotton or any other cloth might leave scratches on the surface of your stunning wooden piece. In case of sofa set, vaccum it on weekly basis to preserve its shine. Also keep in mind not to use wet cloth over the furniture as water could spoil the furniture too with the passage of time. 
  1. Keep the windows closed – Avoid keeping your furniture beside windows. In case if you have kept it then make sure to close the window when there is no one in the room. This could avoid entrance of dust and its gathering on your furniture to a very large extent. 
  1. Wipe the feet too – Don’t just rub the top of the surface but also the feet of it and even the back (in case of wardrobes, chest drawers etc.) In this way the entire piece of furniture looks clean and new and not just the part which is visible. 
  1. Wipe the polish before it gets dry – In case if you polish your wooden beauty then make sure to wipe it properly and instantly before it gets all dry and rather than shine it leaves stain on your furniture. 
  1. Keep it away from sunlight – The hot rays of sun might produce crack in the furniture that could lead it to breaking. Hence, unless it is an outside furniture, avoid keeping your furniture in open space. 
  1. Rely on professionals – In case if your furniture requires cleaning with water and polishing and if you are not sure about the procedure of doing that then leave it on the professionals.

These were certain tips to preserve the magnificence of the wooden beauties and prolong their lives.