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Furniture and Wall Color: All you need to know about this combination


You bring home a grandeur piece of furniture to make your place look astounding. Simultaneously, you also have plans to give a new look to the walls of your abode either by paint or wallpapers. But you are in doldrums as to which color should be used to paint the wall so as to make it match with the intelligently crafted wood piece you just brought at your home.

Don’t bite your lips in vexation as we are here to take  you out of this dilemma.

Matching is Not Essential: It is not necessary for the wall color to exactly match with that of furniture. But at least each of them should complement the other. Note the color of your furniture and chose a light shade of the same color for your walls.

Look Down First: Have a look at the floor of your room before your purchase furniture. Sometime it so happens that you are able to match the color of your furniture with that of your walls but when once you fill your room with furniture, it refuses to match with the color of your floor and hence gives an odd ambience. So whether it is carpet, wooden flooring, tiles  or marble, note the color before making a purchase.

Find the Dominating Color: In case, you are not planning to buying a new furniture which could match the color with your walls, then make a note of that color in your room which dominates other color. Choose the furniture of that color or an equivalent shade and the final result of this fusion would be an icing on the cake for the décor of your room.

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