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Top 6 Tips to Save Space at Your Home

There are a plenty of furniture pieces that you want to bring home but due to space constraint, you can't do that. Home by Shekhavati fathoms the importance of space at homes and thus, has to offer top 6 tips that will surely give you lots of room at your place. Check them out below.

1. Use bar chairs for dining for they could be easily dragged beneath the table after use.

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2. Opting for under stairs storage and stair drawers can again create rooms for other essential furniture items.

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3. Sofa cum bunk bed is yet another excellent choice to save space. This innovative piece of furniture is sure to serve the purpose of both the bed and sofa.

4. One can also have bed mounted vertically in the wall to utilize the vertical space of the wall.

5. Go for hydraulic open-able storage as a storage option in bed rather than pull out drawers.

6. Lastly, a very general tip is to always keep your abode clean so as to keep unnecessary belongings always outside.

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Follow the aforementioned steps and never ever you have to think again about space in your home while choosing your favorite piece of furniture.


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