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Top 5 Tips to Choose Furniture for your Garden

Once the right kind of furniture is chosen for the garden area, it is sure to escalate the aura of the greenery around. We are here to help you in choosing your garden furniture smartly.

1. Type of Furniture: Garden at our place has to face all the seasons. Thereby it is suggested to go with sheesham or teak furniture. These solid wood furniture can withstand any season and just require oiling from time to time for a long life.

2. Don’t shed the shade: Look for furniture which supports umbrella or roof structure so as to protect you from rays in hot days.

3. Match with the rest: Choose furniture that matches with your garden fence or other garden accessories.

4. Size never lies: Never bring large garden furniture when your garden is small in size and vice versa. This might lead to a garden-furniture fiasco.

5. List down the applications: If you love hosting parties then solid wood furniture won’t serve the purpose. If you adore evening tea in your garden then solid wood furniture will surely come for rescue.

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