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The Living Room Dilemma: To Furnish Much Or Little?

The living room is the first impression that guests have of your home. It is not the ornate master bed tucked away in your far end bedroom 20 metres down the hallway. It is the living room that can make or break an impression.

Living Room: The Nucleus of Every Abode

Furnishing the living space can be quite a task. Usually, the living room of a house is the first place that is furnished and the theme by which this is done sets the tone for the rest of the house. If your living room is furnished oddly or shabbily, no matter how great the rest of your home looks, it really will not help.

Some Essentials for your living Room

The Center Table: The center table placed in the living room is an essential that most people get wrong. Nothing makes a home look more industrial than a modular wrought iron/steel framed table with heavy glass tops placed in the living room. Home By Shekhavati understands this well and offers appealing center tables that bewitch its onlookers.

Sofa (One Seater): The One Seater perfectly completes your setting and looks enchanting in every corner, big or small. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, it is a welcoming addition to any living room.

Buddha Chest of Drawers: The Buddha Chest of Drawers makes for a classy addition to your living room decor. The six drawers and a smooth table top can be used for storing and displaying your various memorabilia and belongings.

There are a plenty of offerings by Home By Shekhavati that are sure to elevate the style quotient of your living room to several notches.

The living room must not be too cluttered. Leave it minimal, but not bare. Furnish it but not too much. You can always find tasteful furniture at Home By Shekhavati, India’s leading online space for handmade wooden furniture.

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