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Solid Wood and Plywood: Know the Difference Between Them

Refer the following points if the dilemma of solid wood and plywood hovers your head while purchasing furniture from either online furniture store or from retail stores offline.

1. Strength

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Solid wood is stronger as compared to plywood.  It is denser, durable heavier and very much tough as compared to softwoods such as pine wood, plywood or mango wood.

2. Looks

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Under the parameter of looks, Solid wood scores better than plywood. Teak wood, which is a type of solid wood, is widely used because it looks nice with its golden brown color and grain pattern. While usual plywood is not that much decorative and it requires both cost and efforts to make it elegant.

3. Maintenance

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Though plywood is water and scratch resistant, an intensive and a regular care is required for it. On the other hand, solid wood is water resistant and does not require a vigorous maintenance.

4. Usage

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Plywood can be used on cabinets, storage containers and desktop where mostly lightweight materials are kept. Places which are used to keep heavy kinds of stuff such as bookshelves, dining table, kitchen tops, etc. Solid wood is preferred.

5. Durability

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The life of plywood depends on its type. The better the plywood the longer the life. But compared to solid wood, plywood lasts for a short time. Teak wood, for instance, lasts for a very longer period of time.

6. Cost

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Due to the “High Demand and Low Supply” nature of solid wood, it is costlier than plywood or any other type of wood. But the durability and elegance which one gets with solid wood are worth its price. In fact, one gets extra benefits than what he pays.

7. Prone to damage

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Because plywood is softer as compared to solid wood, it is prone to denting and breaking easily. Solid wood is significantly stronger and furniture made out of solid wood lasts for decades.

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