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Look for these things before buying an Outdoor Furniture Cover

You might think that what’s there in the furniture cover but many factors should be considered before making a purchase of an outdoor furniture cover.

Durability: The cover which you are purchasing should not easily damage in large storms and scorching heat. If the material is not strong enough to withstand the tear, then it’s better to switch to other cover made of either canvas or waterproof polyester blend.

Thickness: Go with an outdoor furniture cover which has a thickness of at least 0.0010 inch. Since an outdoor cover has to bear with all the season, it should be thick enough to protect the furniture.

Waterproof: Go for a cover that does not absorb rainwater and water from the snow when it melts. A waterproof outdoor furniture cover will prevent water and hence protect the furniture from damaging.

Proper Size: Don’t prefer a size which is too small and also too large. In both the cases, dust finds its way to the furniture and end up spoiling it. It is better to go with a cover which fits on the furniture properly.

Add-on: Look for furniture covers that have straps to tie them and prevent them from blowing away from the furniture.

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