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Are you protecting your furniture in winter?

The chill breeze has started to make our teeth grate. We have taken out our warm garment from the wardrobes, which were lying there from past one year. Quilts and blankets have been thrown in the sunlight to make them loose pungent smell. But meanwhile our solid wood furniture lying in the open are still looking forward for protection from winter. Listed below are certain ways through which solid wood furniture can be protected from bleak winter.

  1. Use of Sealant – Sealant is a substance which acts a moisture repellent for furniture. It prevents the winter moist to enter into the furniture. Moisture may lead to wood freeze and ultimately crack the furniture. Even if you cover your furniture in winter, it is advised to use sealant before covering it.
  2. Protect furniture to avoid the corrosion of metal frame – In case your solid wood furniture has a metal frame then it is very much essential to prevent its corrosion from freezing rain and snow. In case if your metal frame sold wood furniture is lying in open, make sure that you bring them inside during winter. Also, you can use outdoor furniture protector which is a sealant for metal frame furniture.
  3. Covering your furniture – If you have garden furniture and you can’t bring them inside because of lack of room then make sure to cover it up with an outdoor furniture cover. This keeps away rain, snow and dust at bay from the furniture.
  4. Clean it up – Before you cover up your furniture for the entire winter, clean it up properly. A meticulous dusting of furniture can maintain an alluring appearance even after the winter. Also, cleaning and maintaining of solid wood furniture make your investment last longer.
  5. Keep your furniture sheltered – During winter, you want to relish a hot beverage in your garden then make sure you place your furniture under a shelter. Keeping furniture under shelter prevents rain and snow to spoil the furniture.

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