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May this Diwali surround you with Peace and Prosperity

Diwali, the festival wherein each and every nook our nation, India, is illuminated with lights and the gleam of diyas. People take leaves almost a week a before and rush to their homes to prepare for Diwali. Just before two days of Diwali, people go out to the market on the occasion of Dhanteras and bring in home lot many décor items to ornament their abode. They also invest in furniture, automobiles, gold and electronic items and relish the presence of new purchase in their homes.

Once the prayers for prosperity ends, people commence to celebrate Diwali. They greet each other, light diyas and enjoy savoring sweets with their family & friends. There remains a festive vibe in the aura on Diwali and a pure and fresh starts awaits the next day.

On this auspicious occasion, Home By Shekhavati wishes everyone a very happy and a prosperous Diwali. May the gleam of diyas enlighten your lives with joy and prosperity.

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