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Does your furniture require fixing?

Perhaps your dad got that chair long back in your home and your great grandfather purchased the bed of your bedroom when he was young. There are furniture at your place which are there from coon’s age and you seem to cherish its presence from a very long time and obviously don’t want any harm to it.

One fine day you plonk on your furniture just to listen to that annoying squeaking sound coming out of your adorable piece of furniture.  Seems like it’s the time that your furniture need some repairs and fixing. Mention below are some points which tell you the right time to get your furniture fixed. 

  • When the magnificent piece of furniture starts to make maddening creaky sound as and when you rest on it. 
  • When your furniture, especially bed, start moving back and forth then it’s the high time to tighten it to prolong its life. 
  • When you plonk on a sofa set and realize that you are sinking down too deep then make sure to firm up the springs in order to maintain a right level of the sofa set. 
  • When the sofa/chair button pop off from the surface then stitch them back to the sofa set with special needles available in order to avoid further tearing of the sofa cover. 
  • Tight the loosen drawers back before the mechanism of the drawers completely get out of order. 
  • If the chair starts to wobble a lot then remember to add braces to the joints to make it very much stable. 
  • If your table wobbles then it’s the time to fix coin shaped glides under it so as make it perfectly balanced on the floor. 
  • When the furniture starts loosening its shine then it’s the high time to renew the polish and bestow the furniture with its shine again. 

These were certain time limits which are to be kept in mind so as to offer a proper care and maintenance to the elegant wooden beauties. Though certain tips and hacks too are mentioned but the ultimate care to the furniture beauties can be given by keeping the furniture clean all the time. 

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