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Tips to keep your furniture clean

After a thorough research and rejecting lots of options and vendors you finally settle for a furniture. With lots of efforts you bring it home and nod for a place for a furniture. But with the spills of liquids and gathering of dust, the magnificent piece of furniture turns into a mere wood log. Below are certain tips to protect your furniture from damage and keep it young for millenniums.

  1. Use of Coasters - No matter what type of drink it is or till what point the glass is filled, always use coasters rather than resting the glass directly on the furniture and leaving a stain on it. 
  1. Wipe it with nano fiber clothes - Wipe your furniture daily and do it with nano fiber cloth only. Rubbing it with cotton or any other cloth might leave scratches on the surface of your stunning wooden piece. In case of sofa set, vaccum it on weekly basis to preserve its shine. Also keep in mind not to use wet cloth over the furniture as water could spoil the furniture too with the passage of time. 
  1. Keep the windows closed – Avoid keeping your furniture beside windows. In case if you have kept it then make sure to close the window when there is no one in the room. This could avoid entrance of dust and its gathering on your furniture to a very large extent. 
  1. Wipe the feet too – Don’t just rub the top of the surface but also the feet of it and even the back (in case of wardrobes, chest drawers etc.) In this way the entire piece of furniture looks clean and new and not just the part which is visible. 
  1. Wipe the polish before it gets dry – In case if you polish your wooden beauty then make sure to wipe it properly and instantly before it gets all dry and rather than shine it leaves stain on your furniture. 
  1. Keep it away from sunlight – The hot rays of sun might produce crack in the furniture that could lead it to breaking. Hence, unless it is an outside furniture, avoid keeping your furniture in open space. 
  1. Rely on professionals – In case if your furniture requires cleaning with water and polishing and if you are not sure about the procedure of doing that then leave it on the professionals.

These were certain tips to preserve the magnificence of the wooden beauties and prolong their lives.

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