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The Bed. Things you should know about it.


Bed. An object we seek at the end of our day when we feel fatigue and out of energy. The soft pillows and the spongy mattress is where we can lie down and forget about how good/bad the day has been. It is again the same place where we share our thoughts with either ourselves or with our spouse. A bed is meant to rejuvenate ourselves with of sleep. While there are many types of beds available for us to rest but nothing pampers us more than a large double king sized bed with a thick mattress and loads of pillows.

 During the time of early man, people slept in caves. Weather was inclement and cold, and they often used old animal skins to keep themselves warm. Later, beds during the time of the Roman Empire and the medieval ages were massive, especially in the houses of the royals.

 Even in India, the royal families had massive bedrooms and occupying these huge spaces were imposing beds with huge bed stands and towering height. Infact, the bedsteads of the Egyptians were so high that to ascend on them steps were used sometimes. In India, we had (and still have) the Charpoy. Usually made of ropes tied across a roughly put together wooden frame, the charpoy is often used in villages. A modern foldable version of it is also available which is made of aluminium and mostly used in cities.

 Then there are various kinds of beds that have been classified according to types. For instance, adjustable beds which can be varied in terms of height, air bed that has an air mattress instead of a regular one. This can be rolled up and packed and is mostly intended for guest use. Other type is Bassinets which are beds for infants, a bunk bed which is an arrangement whereby one bed is on top of the other, a hammock which is a temporary resting place created by tying the two opposite ends to trees, a murphy bed which can be folded into a cabinet or a wall. These are designed to save space in cramped environs.

These are some unique types of beds. Though there are available hundreds of variations. So, from now onwards when you decide to rest, do remember the furniture that you are being cradled in has quite the history!



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