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Home By Shekhavati - The only place for your furniture needs.

Furniture is an indispensable part of your home. Without it, the house looks abandoned. People looking for houses even on rent prefer one that have been pre furnished. Buying furniture for your house is a pain. You need to consult a decorator, visit shops, and choose the right kind of furniture pieces for your home. And if you want modular furniture it is available everywhere. Those are not made of real wood but an extract that is brittle and prone to breaking. Also, it does not give the look and feel of quality timber. If you want furniture like it used to be back in the day, tough, classy, and can withstand the test of time, you need to look hard.

 But not anymore.  Home By Shekhavati offers quality handmade furniture at affordable prices. These have been manufactured with utmost care. The wood is premium and it is built to last. Plus, you don't have to worry about the way it looks since Home By Shekhavati has a piece of furniture for every purpose, every home and every budget. Be it center tables, beds, or the good old chest of drawers, there is something for everyone on the online retail store of Home By Shekhavati which gives out traditional quality furniture at extremely reasonable prices.

Bedroom, living room, dining room, office furniture and even a design alley allows you to choose and pick from a dazzling array of fine furniture. Then there are design types like Bakhara, Shekhawati, Yoga and a dedicated vintage center which houses legendary pieces of furniture. The handmade furniture culture has been preserved here too. Handmade furniture allows each piece to have a distinct character. Unlike something that is mass produced something handmade furniture has a lot of thought being put into it at every level, whether it is the design aspect or the actual crafting and assembling the final bits.

That is why Home By Shekhavati's furniture has a distinct character. You can ask any furniture expert and they will vouch for the fact that handmade furniture lasts many times longer than machine made pieces that have no soul. Something that has been made with experience and love shall always prevail.Discounts and schemes also are in plenty. The launch offer allows you to claim a great 10% off on all orders above a certain amount. The vintage furniture has a certain way of character that appeals to everyone. It is beautiful, timeless and aesthetic.

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