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Venturing into a professionally planned home?



Venturing into a professionally planned home can be bumping in a positive manner. Whether you are at a get-away rental, or going by a neighbor down the road - venturing into an all around outlined space, regardless of the possibility that you don't have the information or vocabulary to precisely depict it, abandons you in amazement. Here's the stunning part: it is not that hard. A little bit at a time, piece by piece and you can change your  space into something out of an outline inventory.

The Bakhara Collection

Bring home the eye-catching Bakhara collection in a charming walnut color which adds to the glory of your furniture. The large, imposing furniture allows ample space to spread royalty and luxury. The breathtaking door design is the perfect amalgamation of elegance and grandeur. The fine wall decor items for your bedroom, living room, dining space, gallery, aisle, etc. from the collection will definitely make for a stylish addition to your dwelling.

The Maharaja collection

The Maharaja Collection defines ultimate sophistication and introduces endless charm to the living space. Great to look at, the collection has perfectly engraved carvings that accentuate its beauty. The impeccable design is a great specimen of tradition, grandeur and magnificence. The well finished collection epitomizes its excellent quality.

The Vintage Home collection

The Vintage collection makes a beautiful accent piece for the living room, bedroom or anywhere else you need. Add a dash of classic flair to your decor with this stylish collection. The sleek, solid wood structure gives a classy look and provides ample support for comfortable experience. The intricate detailing on the furniture is definitely a show stealer.

The Shekhawati Collection

The Shekhawati Bar Collection is an embodiment of grace and style that is sure to make a significant addition to your home decor. The immaculately designed shelves, drawers and cabinets provide ample space with the outstanding texture which makes you want to run your fingers all over it. The use of glass at the right places makes it even more charming.  


So, what are you going to add to your home decor ?

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