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Furniture Design. What works and what doesn't?

Furniture has been around forever. Ever since we realized that we need to stop sitting on logs and the use of tools to turn those logs into shapes that we find pretty, we have been producing furniture constantly.  Early vintage furniture was functional. The wood was solid and designs were at par with that era. With the passage of time we got environmentally conscious and nodded to preserve the trees. Also, we started using wood substitutes like some metals, cane and artificial wood to make modern furniture.

The most durable piece of furniture is a park bench but that is not the ideal furniture you'd want at home. Similarly, the most comfortable bean bag will spoil in the rain and hence can’t be an ideal furniture again. Designing and crafting a furniture is a complicated process. There is only one constant but many variables. What we want in terms of looks, usage, life-span, etc., needs to be taken into account before we buy our furniture today. For those who have the time to look carefully and smartly, great furniture does exist.

Furniture design is indispensable in decorating living space. You might want something specific and this is a tricky proposition as bad furniture can make or break the entire visual balance of your home. If you have a vintage bungalow you can keep those massive wooden cupboards that probably came with it but if you live in a studio apartment in a high rise tower you might need to make some important furniture choices.

There are different uses for different kinds of furniture. An end table and a side table are both tables but both are unique in their own way. Similarly, a bookshelf can come in a dazzling array of shapes. There are some furniture that serves only a singular purpose and takes up a large space  in your house. The chest of drawers and bed are good examples of this. Each piece of furniture needs to be picked carefully so they don’t clash with the others.

Home By Shekhavati is an excellent place to shop for authentic handcrafted wooden furniture that regains the class of vintage and combines with it the much needed functionality of the modern. Frett Work, Bakhara and a host of other design offer beds, cupboards, nightstands, coffee tables, dressing tables, center tables etc. that look great, come at a bargain and will last for a lifetime. There is an added advantage of the guarantee of great furniture that Home By Shekhavati offers. Do check out our entire range at our online portal.

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