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The woes of poor quality wood

Wooden furniture is much sought products nowadays. However, it is very easy to lay your hands on poor quality furniture that will not withstand the test of time and toughness. You must always distinguish good wooden furniture from bad. Because choice of bad wood, especially, in our Indian climate could be disastrous.

Good wooden furniture is ridiculously expensive. Some say it is virtually impossible to find quality wooden furniture at a reasonable rate. All you get is faux-wood that decays quickly. Poor quality wood begins to show its true colors a few months after purchase. For instance, the top layer will start to peel off leaving an ugly interior. The worse doesn’t stop here. Then comes the termites’ attack which will make your furniture fall apart completely. This kind of wood also absorbs more moisture from the atmosphere which makes it susceptible to more damage.

Therefore, it is very important to invest in good quality wood that feels solid and ages gracefully. This is where Home By Shekhavati comes into play. There are Bakhara Double Beds and Chest of Drawers that will stand the test of time and toughness. These units are handcrafted out of the best quality wood and craftsmanship that you will not find anywhere in India. These are meant for the long run and are affordably priced.

Good quality wood at affordable rates seems to be the modus operandi of Home By Shekhavati Online Store. One look at the furniture and you will realize this is the real deal. No useless ornamentation on the furniture makes it feel solid. Though bad quality wood is a quick solution to furniture dilemmas but a decision you are sure to regret in the long run. It is recommended not to go with something just because it is cheap. After all, nothing that is good comes for dirt cheap. Furniture that is durable and will stand the long run should be your target.

Treat yourself with the fine pieces of furniture on Home By Shekhavati and order one. You will instantly know the feeling of handling great quality woodwork and a superb workmanship. With products like these, Home By Shekhavati is setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, beauty and toughness in the Indian furniture space.


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