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Interior Decor. A few Essentials

Interior Decor. A few Essentials

Home Decor is a very tricky space. There is a misconception among people that anything that can be hung on a wall or put on a table, can be classified as decor. This is far from the truth. Decor is intact all-encompassing and can even include small pieces of furniture. For example, a bedside table, or a work-bench can fall under both furniture and decor umbrellas. Also, decor is a term loosely thrown around and confuses people because they do not know what to invest in and what to stay far away from.

If your decor is beautiful and tasteful your house will be accentuated in terms of elegance. But if you choose the wrong decor, you might end up looking like you bought your home decor from the nearby most convenient flea market. Here we talk about some simple items of decor that you should include in your home in order to make it look great and appealing.

The most ubiquitous home decor item is the magazine box. Usually, people are in a state of mind to fill their racks with Forbes and Sports magazine issues to show how well read they are. But the stand in which these are kept usually turn old very early and that aren’t in use any more. Magazine Basket category has some quality products that deserve a mention in this regard. Made of the highest quality wood, these come in royal finishes so that your latest magazine issues are held in style.

Another common item in any household is a wall-clock. Either you can have one of those made of cheap tacky plastic that look like they came free with a box of cereal or you can have the Shekhawati Wall Clocks. They are reasonably priced and exude class which shows you time accurately.

A Key Bowl is an essential in every household. Keys are the most commonly replaced items and unlike cellphones you cannot “call your set of keys” in case if you lose them. While key hangers are great but sometimes the hooks fall off and the continuous rubbing of wood against your wall spoils both the wood and the emulsion. Introducing the Assorted Old Look Bowl that contains anything from a couple of sets of keys to something that you might think of value. There is also the Key Box for you to keep you keys more securely.

Decor is important and essential. Home By Shekhavati brings you the most innovative, classy and durable Home Decor that is present in today’s competitive space of Home Decor Items.

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