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Contemporary yet Classy! Exists!


Usually, what is new, is not always classy, and what is old, is not always contemporary. Well, thankfully, today it is. Home By Shekhavati brings you a range of furniture that is contemporary, yet classy.

This is due to the fact that all the pieces are hand crafted, and are not just pieces of furniture, but works of art. Right from bedside tables to office bookcases and writing desks, Home By Shekhavati has hit the sweet-spot in the luxury furniture market, by providing solutions that look and feel solid. Great furniture has minimal design, but does not look boring. The wood must exude a personality of its own, and the finish must be supreme. That is exactly what Home By Shekhavati offers.

The Frett Work 3 seater sofa, is modern yet ergonomic, the Global Home Balaji Coffee table has an interesting pattern, and Yoga’s TV Units are simply breath-taking. These pieces are all selected carefully before placing them online.

India was lacking an online website to buy luxury furniture. Every other website for furniture was catering to those searching for the contemporary. Unfortunately, all that was sold to them was mediocre pieces that boasted of multiple use. Which is why, on Home By Shekhavati, you will find clearly segregated furniture. With each piece being unique in form and function caters to a very a very specific need.

Even the humble bedside table have an impact on the way your bedroom looks. Your coffee table needs to look good, while the sofa set must be comfortable so guests can sit comfortably in your house. Home By Shekhavati’s range caters to every living space. Everything is very reasonably priced, and looks unique. Also it is not mass produced that means each piece of furniture has a personality of its own.

Contemporary and classy go hand in hand when it comes to the furniture available at Home By Shekhavati. The products have an old world charm about them, but are not ancient when it comes to their styling and function. The wood is great, durable and is built to last. Hence, this unique fusion of is brought first-to-market exclusively by Home By Shekhavati.

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