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Make your living style "A statement"

Your home is one of the very precious possessions that provides you a door to happiness and relaxation. Hence, the need for a beautiful and comfortable place that makes you feels at home in the end.

A house is decorated by different individuals and in many ways. Use of different kinds of furniture is a reflection of your mind for how do you wish to keep your place. Ultimately that is how you are judged by the guests at home. There are a variety of furniture and furnishing styles for experimenting the looks and ideas of decoration.

One such renowned brand that offers both contemporary and custom made furniture is Home By Shekhavati. It brings in the concept of transforming our choices to beautiful yet stylized furniture that is exquisite. Home By Shekhavati puts forward quality craftsmanship and meets timeless design that satisfies both your needs and taste. Some of the furniture you may refer to is Bakhara Bed Double with storage built in, Bakhara Dressing Table, The Shekhawati Bar Cabinet, The Shekhawati Coffee table and many more. This kind of furniture makes your furniture selection royal. Apart from these, you may refer to contemporary storage racks and tables like The Yoga Book Case Shelves, The Yoga End Table, The Yoga Plazma Table and The Yoga Sideboard.

Home By Shekhavati has designed numerous pieces of furniture such as the Vintage Beds both with and without storage, Vintage Bed Side Table and Vintage Home Chest Drawers. We offer you the pleasure of one stop shop in the genre of furniture that is home made and customized. You can now shape your dream home with the best designs and thoughts you bear in mind with Home By Shekhavati.



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