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5 Effective Tips to Shield Furniture against Pets

You shower your love on your pets all the time, but the same adorable feeling towards your pets might not come from your elegant furniture as it always get scratched by them as and when they both come in contact. Below are certain tips to protect your furniture from pets.
  1. Confine your pets: If your abode contains a piece of furniture which is very close to your heart then make sure to set boundaries for your pets. If you have a leather furniture then your pets might torn it and in case you own a magnificent solid wood furniture then your pets might end up scratching it.
  2. Look for alternatives: In case your pets hold a soft corner for your living room or a room which has your favorite furniture, then offer them alternatives like cat-bed or dog basket. These alternatives aid a lot in avoiding dust and fur from the furniture.

  1. Clean them often: Wipe or vacuum your pet-favorite-furniture more often. Also build a habit to rotate cushions regularly. Along with cleaning your furniture, give a bath to your pets on a frequent basis.

  1. Cover it up: It’s better to keep your furniture protected from pets by throwing an elegant cover on it. It is easy to wipe and dust a cover as compared to the entire piece of furniture. “Pet Blankets” or “Pet Mats” are also an alternative of covers.
  2. Give them something to scratch: You cannot stop pets from scratching as it is their natural instinct. If you want them to plonk on your furniture and not to scratch them then give them something to scratch. That object will surely divert their scratching instinct from furniture and give them a reason to shake their tails.

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