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Boost productivity at workplace with these effective tips

Though motivational speeches by leaders, monetary and non-monetary benefits aid in shooting up the productivity to a great extent. But did you know that even simple tips like changing cubicle color and adding decor items have a significant role in escalating productivity at the office? Here’s how you can increase the productivity among employees.

Shades – Most of the cubicles around the world are painted grey. It is often considered as the color of wisdom and intellect. But according to experts of colors, grey is associated with depression and isolation. Therefore, it is recommended to paint the office with other vibrant colors, for instance, blue and green which have a calming effect and helps in lowering anxiety.

Lights – Studies reveal that florescent light hanging above the cubicles of employees results into health problem such as migraine, energy loss, etc. It is suggested that more natural light should be allowed in the office space and employees should occupy space near windows.

Plants – Being surrounded by nature always has a positive effect on soul and mind. Same has been observed in employees. Plants in the office improve attendance of employees, increase job satisfaction and thereby increases the overall productivity.


Furniture and Décor items – An organization investing generously in furniture and décor items, especially solid wood office furniture and décor items, is likely to witness an increased productivity among the employees. These classic yet contemporary furniture make employees feel home and infuse in the working area a magnificent look.


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