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That’s how you can prevent your furniture from Graying

Furniture wood grows in countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and India. Furniture from furniture wood such as Sheesham wood is a premium quality furniture due to a plethora of special qualities that it possesses. When the wood matures it holds in it natural oil which protects it from damage from water, rot, insects, etc.

The same oil also bestows the furniture with natural golden color. But it requires a high maintenance. In case, if the oil dries up with the passage of time then the wood turns gray and hence loses its charms. To prevent the graying of furniture, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Prevent keeping the wooden furniture under direct sunlight or near windows where it gets coated with dust.

  • Avoid keeping your furniture outside during monsoon season.
  • In case you want to keep it outside then make sure to cover your furniture with an outdoor furniture cover.


  • Use a Teak Sealer to protect your wooden furniture. Teak sealer, a water-based water resistant compound, give an extra layer to furniture which protects it from UV rays of sun, rain, snow and dust. This avoids the oil in the wood to evaporate, thereby preserving the original honey color of furniture.

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