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Furniture: An Essential Part of your Abode

A house isn’t made of just bricks and stones. There’s a lot that goes into the making of a beautiful and welcoming home. So, while you have paid great attention to the exterior designing, paint and small details of your abode, have you given equal thought to the interiors as well? Because though the outsides may be for the world to see, the inside is yours to own.

Make your space chic, stylish, classy and infuse a dash of sophistication with the class apart yet affordable range of furniture at one of India’s fastest growing websites for home décor, Home By Shekhavati.



The Bedroom - That’s the one room everyone looks forward to retiring after a long day at work. Fret no more about space and function, because the bedroom sets have been conceptualized and created keeping in mind the uniformity and aesthetic appeal of your master room.

The Dining Space- We understand that a meal isn’t just a few mouthfuls of food that help you get through the day. It is a time when the family comes together to share their joys, experiences, plans and share warmth with one another over good food and drinks. The dining set range at Home By Shekhavati is skillfully sculpted and looks ultra-chic gracing your home.

Cupboards and Closets- Right from housing your favorite books and show pieces to neatly storing away your sartorial merchandises, the cupboards and closets range from both understated designs that will silently adorn the corner of your room to stand alone pieces that demand immediate attention of onlookers along with endless praise and envy.

Tables- Tables are essential to giving the final touch to your room décor. They discreetly fulfill several functions, for example, the presence of a table in the nook of your home can prevent it from looking unattended or ignored. Similarly, the center table has to naturally blend with its surroundings, in order to avoid it from appearing as a hurriedly and thoughtlessly bought article.

At Home By Shekhavati, you are sure to find flamboyance, elegance and superiority rolled into one. Because we do make dream homes come true.

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