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October 27, 2016


Home By Shekhavati: An Archetype of Appealing Furniture In India

Home By Shekhavati

You always look forward to amplifying the ambience of your dwelling, don't you? In this endeavor, you hop from one decor store to another or browse a plethora of e-commerce website but a majority of time you overlook an indispensable element – Furniture.

It is advised to pay an equal attention on the furniture pieces as they could aid to a great extent in elevating the look of your abode. Who else could offer premium quality yet elegant furniture pieces than Home By Shekhavati? The range of furniture is exotic, exquisite, and available at reasonable price. Home by Shekhavati promises quality beyond imagination and will make homes and offices look royal and elegant.

Here are the 5 things that set Home By Shekhavati apart:

  • Superior quality wood
  • Incredible designs
  • Affordable price
  • Hand-crafted woodwork
  • Stringent quality checks

Home By Shekhavati: A perfect solution to stylish furniture and decor

Be it office seating or home beds, Home by Shekhavati promises comfort with style. It engages talented artisans who pay special attention to the design. The exclusive handcrafted designs represent sophistication with ease that are sure to light up your house.

Home By Shekhavati has to offer a wide range of furniture and decor items including dining tables, coffee tables, bar cabinets, chest of drawers, bookcases, magazine baskets, wall clocks, etc. Stay rest assured that Home By Shekhavati will provide tasteful and durable furniture for the most beautiful place on Earth - Your Home.

October 14, 2016


Furniture and Wall Color: All you need to know about this combination


You bring home a grandeur piece of furniture to make your place look astounding. Simultaneously, you also have plans to give a new look to the walls of your abode either by paint or wallpapers. But you are in doldrums as to which color should be used to paint the wall so as to make it match with the intelligently crafted wood piece you just brought at your home.

Don’t bite your lips in vexation as we are here to take  you out of this dilemma.

Matching is Not Essential: It is not necessary for the wall color to exactly match with that of furniture. But at least each of them should complement the other. Note the color of your furniture and chose a light shade of the same color for your walls.

Look Down First: Have a look at the floor of your room before your purchase furniture. Sometime it so happens that you are able to match the color of your furniture with that of your walls but when once you fill your room with furniture, it refuses to match with the color of your floor and hence gives an odd ambience. So whether it is carpet, wooden flooring, tiles  or marble, note the color before making a purchase.

Find the Dominating Color: In case, you are not planning to buying a new furniture which could match the color with your walls, then make a note of that color in your room which dominates other color. Choose the furniture of that color or an equivalent shade and the final result of this fusion would be an icing on the cake for the décor of your room.

At Home By Shekhavati, along with an elegant and wide range of furniture to choose from, we offer furniture of various styles and design that are sure to go with the ambience of your abode.
October 07, 2016


Here are Some Secrets To Keep Your Furniture Beautiful ALWAYS

Wood furniture is delightful and exquisite. We spend thousands on dining sets, room furniture, and considerably more to upgrade the excellence of our homes. On the other hand, we never consider the wear and tear on our wood furniture. To keep up its excellence and help it last, wood furniture needs the right care.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enhance the life of the furniture and to preserve its elegance for a very long time.

  • Avoid from setting your furniture in direct daylight as it makes the furniture to fade.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from compelling changes in temperature by keeping furniture far from room heaters, air conditioners, etc.
  • Frequently rotate the accessories or decorative placed on the furniture.
  • Use soft cloth or sponge mop to clean the furniture and not something with rough texture 
  • Immediately clean the spills in order to avoid the mark which may sustain.
  • Do not drag things onto the surface, rather lift it and place it.
  • The coasters or the mats used should have a flat bottom to ensure no scratches.
  • Always use table mats to avoid direct exposure of hot utensils with the furniture.
  • Cover the garden furniture when not in use.
  • Frequently dust the furniture.
  • As far as multi-purpose cleaning sprays are concerned, don’t use them on furniture without the plastic coating.
September 15, 2016


The Living Room Dilemma: To Furnish Much Or Little?

The living room is the first impression that guests have of your home. It is not the ornate master bed tucked away in your far end bedroom 20 metres down the hallway. It is the living room that can make or break an impression.

Living Room: The Nucleus of Every Abode

Furnishing the living space can be quite a task. Usually, the living room of a house is the first place that is furnished and the theme by which this is done sets the tone for the rest of the house. If your living room is furnished oddly or shabbily, no matter how great the rest of your home looks, it really will not help.

Some Essentials for your living Room

The Center Table: The center table placed in the living room is an essential that most people get wrong. Nothing makes a home look more industrial than a modular wrought iron/steel framed table with heavy glass tops placed in the living room. Home By Shekhavati understands this well and offers appealing center tables that bewitch its onlookers.

Sofa (One Seater): The One Seater perfectly completes your setting and looks enchanting in every corner, big or small. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, it is a welcoming addition to any living room.

Buddha Chest of Drawers: The Buddha Chest of Drawers makes for a classy addition to your living room decor. The six drawers and a smooth table top can be used for storing and displaying your various memorabilia and belongings.

There are a plenty of offerings by Home By Shekhavati that are sure to elevate the style quotient of your living room to several notches.

The living room must not be too cluttered. Leave it minimal, but not bare. Furnish it but not too much. You can always find tasteful furniture at Home By Shekhavati, India’s leading online space for handmade wooden furniture.

August 30, 2016


10 Brilliant Tips to Purchase Furniture Online

The world has forayed in a digital era and so are the businesses. Be it fashion, footwear or furniture, many industries have now click and mortar presence. Therefore, we are here with 10 brilliant tips to purchase furniture online. Check them out below.

  • Once you land on any online furniture store, go to its “About Us” page. It gives you an insight of their products and whether or not they deal in furniture which matches your style.

  • Check the return and shipping policy of the retailer you are purchasing the furniture from. This aids in informing you about the delivery network of the vendor, shipping cost, etc. 

    Image Source:

  • Inspect the furniture personally. Ask the online retailer if they have an offline presence or warehouse where you can go and finalize the furniture after personally inspecting it. 

  • Enquire or research about the payment gateway of the online furniture vendor before transferring your hard earned money online. 

  • Read the descriptions of the furniture pieces before finalizing any one of them. Note down the use of that piece and significantly its size and measurements. 

  • Read the reviews of the furniture piece you are planning to purchase. 

  • Before finalizing a budget and even at the time of making payment, keep in mind the taxes. 

    Image Source:

  • Check if the online vendor is offering Cash on Delivery payment mode. 

  • Ask the retailer if the furniture requires any installation. If yes, then is the installation free or there are any extra charges for installation and who is going to bear that installation charge. 

  • Ask the retailer for the bill, warranty card and other accessories (if any) of the furniture.

August 16, 2016


Look for these things before buying an Outdoor Furniture Cover

You might think that what’s there in the furniture cover but many factors should be considered before making a purchase of an outdoor furniture cover.

Durability: The cover which you are purchasing should not easily damage in large storms and scorching heat. If the material is not strong enough to withstand the tear, then it’s better to switch to other cover made of either canvas or waterproof polyester blend.

Thickness: Go with an outdoor furniture cover which has a thickness of at least 0.0010 inch. Since an outdoor cover has to bear with all the season, it should be thick enough to protect the furniture.

Waterproof: Go for a cover that does not absorb rainwater and water from the snow when it melts. A waterproof outdoor furniture cover will prevent water and hence protect the furniture from damaging.

Proper Size: Don’t prefer a size which is too small and also too large. In both the cases, dust finds its way to the furniture and end up spoiling it. It is better to go with a cover which fits on the furniture properly.

Add-on: Look for furniture covers that have straps to tie them and prevent them from blowing away from the furniture.

July 30, 2016


Top 6 Tips to Save Space at Your Home

There are a plenty of furniture pieces that you want to bring home but due to space constraint, you can't do that. Home by Shekhavati fathoms the importance of space at homes and thus, has to offer top 6 tips that will surely give you lots of room at your place. Check them out below.

1. Use bar chairs for dining for they could be easily dragged beneath the table after use.

Image Source:

2. Opting for under stairs storage and stair drawers can again create rooms for other essential furniture items.

Image Source:

3. Sofa cum bunk bed is yet another excellent choice to save space. This innovative piece of furniture is sure to serve the purpose of both the bed and sofa.

4. One can also have bed mounted vertically in the wall to utilize the vertical space of the wall.

5. Go for hydraulic open-able storage as a storage option in bed rather than pull out drawers.

6. Lastly, a very general tip is to always keep your abode clean so as to keep unnecessary belongings always outside.

Image Source:

Follow the aforementioned steps and never ever you have to think again about space in your home while choosing your favorite piece of furniture.


July 15, 2016


The Importance Of Aesthetic Living Spaces

Living spaces are very personal. Your house usually reflects who you are, and what you do to furnish your house, speaks volumes about your tastes and styles. Not everyone, however, is spot-on at decorating their interiors. One cannot be blamed, given that there are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to furniture.

Furniture of Past

Traditionally, furniture was purely functional. Those massive steel cupboards that you would have seen at your grandparent’s house, served the simple purpose of storage. Today, the requirement of quality furniture that looks good is the norm.


Image Source:

In the old days, furniture was meticulously handmade. Nowadays, that is a rarity. Everyone is in a hurry, which is why, you will find homes cluttered with the most mundane, factory produced pieces of wood. Furniture shopping has also been considered inconvenient, with stores located at opposite ends of town, and driving to these locations is painful to say the least.

This is where Home By Shekhavati has stepped in to make the experience of buying furniture seamless and enjoyable. At Home By Shekhavati, you can find the best handmade furniture, at the most unbelievable prices, in India. You will find genuine long-lasting wooden furniture that promises to transform your living space into a lap of luxury and where you can unwind after a hard day at work.

June 30, 2016


Solid Wood and Plywood: Know the Difference Between Them

Refer the following points if the dilemma of solid wood and plywood hovers your head while purchasing furniture from either online furniture store or from retail stores offline.

1. Strength

Image Source:

Solid wood is stronger as compared to plywood.  It is denser, durable heavier and very much tough as compared to softwoods such as pine wood, plywood or mango wood.

2. Looks

Image Source:

Under the parameter of looks, Solid wood scores better than plywood. Teak wood, which is a type of solid wood, is widely used because it looks nice with its golden brown color and grain pattern. While usual plywood is not that much decorative and it requires both cost and efforts to make it elegant.

3. Maintenance

Image Source:

Though plywood is water and scratch resistant, an intensive and a regular care is required for it. On the other hand, solid wood is water resistant and does not require a vigorous maintenance.

4. Usage

Image Source:

Plywood can be used on cabinets, storage containers and desktop where mostly lightweight materials are kept. Places which are used to keep heavy kinds of stuff such as bookshelves, dining table, kitchen tops, etc. Solid wood is preferred.

5. Durability

Image Source:

The life of plywood depends on its type. The better the plywood the longer the life. But compared to solid wood, plywood lasts for a short time. Teak wood, for instance, lasts for a very longer period of time.

6. Cost

Image Source:

Due to the “High Demand and Low Supply” nature of solid wood, it is costlier than plywood or any other type of wood. But the durability and elegance which one gets with solid wood are worth its price. In fact, one gets extra benefits than what he pays.

7. Prone to damage

Image Source:

Because plywood is softer as compared to solid wood, it is prone to denting and breaking easily. Solid wood is significantly stronger and furniture made out of solid wood lasts for decades.

June 15, 2016


Top 5 Tips to Choose Furniture for your Garden

Once the right kind of furniture is chosen for the garden area, it is sure to escalate the aura of the greenery around. We are here to help you in choosing your garden furniture smartly.

1. Type of Furniture: Garden at our place has to face all the seasons. Thereby it is suggested to go with sheesham or teak furniture. These solid wood furniture can withstand any season and just require oiling from time to time for a long life.

2. Don’t shed the shade: Look for furniture which supports umbrella or roof structure so as to protect you from rays in hot days.

3. Match with the rest: Choose furniture that matches with your garden fence or other garden accessories.

4. Size never lies: Never bring large garden furniture when your garden is small in size and vice versa. This might lead to a garden-furniture fiasco.

5. List down the applications: If you love hosting parties then solid wood furniture won’t serve the purpose. If you adore evening tea in your garden then solid wood furniture will surely come for rescue.
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